Pups and Kittens

Getting a new puppy or kitten is an exciting time but once you go back to work​ you will worry about how to keep up their regular feeds, toilet training, socialisation, cleaning and play.

I can offer once, twice or more checks during the day to do all of these things.

First check per pet per day £12 (30 Minute check)

Two checks per pet - £20 per day ( 2 x 30 minute check)

further checks and longer visit available

Puppy day care (6 hours) £27

Puppy day care (3 hours) £22


I can administer any worm and Flea treatment dispensed by your veterinary surgery


It is important that your pet gets used to having his/her paws handled from an early age. I can clip those sharps claws to prevent damage to you or other pets in the home