Cats- Home care


Cats are very territorial and get anxious when not in familiar surroundings, by leaving them in their environment they have all their home comforts and normal routines.


The advantages of keeping your cat at home whilst you are away are:


  • I will keep her/ his  routine.

  • Kennels / high volume pet care services can harbor highly contagious illnesses.

  • Your pet remains in the safety of their own home 

  • I am a qualified veterinary nurse, therefore in the event of an emergency I am specially trained to handle any health emergencies that may occur.

  • If you have a pet with special dietary or medical need I can administer medications.

  • Your cat will be given special attention and playtime with me if requested to include grooming if necessary.

  • I can also bring in mail, water plants, open and close curtains and turn lights on/off to deter burglars while you’re away.

  • Cats become very attached to their home environment and are naturally frightened of unfamiliar places and smells.

  • I will meet with you and your pet beforehand to go through their routine to include feeding, litter trays (if used), favorite toys and games, how and where they like to be handled and any medication they require. I have an easy to fill tick sheet so together we can  ensure your family member will be happy.

What my visit will include


Water and food bowls will be cleaned and refilled 

Litter trays will be cleaned and refilled


any bedding checked for dirt or dampness


Grooming or play time depending on your pets requirements



Cats -£14 for 1-2 cats (1 Visit per day)

Cats - £20 for 1-2 cats (2 Visits per day)

More than 2 cats / more than 2 visits– quote on request